Hi, hello, and all that jazz

I’ve been talking about starting a blog for ages.  Seriously, I think it’s been at least 3 years.  So here I am, finally doing it!

I get pretty excited about cooking and baking.  I’m interested in healthy food and not-so-healthy food.  In my ideal world it would be possible to eat and create super clean, healthy food that tastes incredible too, but, alas, it’s just not always realistic.  That’s not to say there aren’t some pretty decent gluten-free/vegan/clean eats out there, but I generally feel like the healthier something is, the less yum factor it has (I know plenty of people who would disagree with that, and that’s okay, I can respect that!)

Aside from giving myself away to gluttonous abandon pretty regularly, I’m pretty keen on knitting, writing, beauty supplies, and cats!  So, while a good chunk of what I write about will be related to food, there will be other tidbits as well.

I think that sums things up for now!  I’m currently planning a birthday cake I will be making for my boyfriend’s grandpa next month and I’m also working on various knitting projects, so you can expect to see some related posts soon!

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