Knitting 101: How Do You Hold These Damn Needles?

First, I’m going to start by saying that I feel like this first “real” entry should be about, well, cake or other yums, but I baked the hell out of a carrot cake last week and forgot to take a single photo. Seriously, I went as far as to borrow a camera and brought it out, imagining I’d snap a zillion amateur shots that I’d think were super great but in reality were just mediocre, but then I forgot all about it once I was elbow-deep in grated carrots and flour. So that post will just have to wait. I’ve got some plans for a cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream that I want to try out soon, so yeah.

In other news, I’ve been going a little crazy with knitting lately. I’m currently in the midst of looking for a job (translation: I’m really bored), so I’ve been jazzing up my knitting game.

Unfinished Glove
I picture my gloves singing, “started from the bottom, now we’re here”

I taught myself how to knit a few years ago. I’d seen so many movies and TV shows depicting cute, nerdy girls knitting away, and I felt like I could see myself doing it too. Not that cool ladies can’t knit, but I definitely aligned with that nerdy vibe. Well, let me tell you, learning to knit was not easy! Seriously, it was a disaster. I have zero patience and a perpetually bad attitude (that I’m trying to work on!), so, yeah, it wasn’t the best time.

All I can really say about teaching yourself how to knit is this: YouTube is your bff. I spent way too much time and money on knitting books and I wish I could get it all back. Sorry, illustrations of how to hold knitting needles, create a slipknot, or purl a stitch just don’t cut it. I don’t care about how great the illustration is – that shit doesn’t make sense to my brain when I’m looking at a picture. A video, however, was just what I needed! I know that people learn differently, so I’m sure written instruction and weird pictures work for plenty of people, but I just think YouTube vids are a much easier way of making sense of it all.

Almost Finished Glove
Almost done! At this point I wasn’t aware of how easy it was to finish the thumb, so I was procrastinating

Anyway, my first project was a scarf. A very long scarf that I knitted for my boyfriend. After that I tried a few more scarves, got bored, and didn’t really dabble in knitting again until a few months ago. This time around it seems to make a lot more sense to me. Maybe it has something to do with the excess of free time I have lately… Regardless, I’ve been busting out fingerless gloves all over the place, and more recently a pretty fantastic cowl. I found YouTube videos for both patterns, and have slightly altered the fingerless glove pattern in the image you see. Both patterns are super easy, though, once you get the hang of it!

Oh, one more thing I feel compelled to say: bamboo knitting needles are really wonderful. I originally went with the cheapest ones I could find (I buy them at Michaels because, hi, their coupons are amazing), but then I bought some bamboo ones (also from Michaels) and they changed my life. Well, my knitting life. Bamboo needles are just much easier to work with, at least as far as I’m concerned.

Drop stitch cowl goodness

Anyway, the linkes for those two patterns are below, and there are so many other great ones you can find on YouTube as well.

Drop Stitch Cowl
Basic Fingerless Gloves

2 comments on “Knitting 101: How Do You Hold These Damn Needles?

  1. I saw your cowl and I thought WOW I want to do that! I got to 2:50 in the video where things were joining and and my brain couldn’t handle it.

    Congratulations on your cowl. I think it’s great and maybe one day I can finish that video without my head exploding.

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